Friday, January 31, 2014

Embedded Systems rocks at EclipseCon 2014!

EclipseCon 2014 is coming soon, and we have two events dedicated to Embedded Systems Developers:
  • The CDT Summit, sponsored by Ericsson, on Monday, March 17 and Tuesday, March 18, is a great opportunity to meet the CDT committers and to discuss with other users. The CDT community will meet face to face and discuss about multicore debugging, tracing, refactorings, static analysis, LLVM, user-friendliness, ... Read more on the blog written by Marc Kouzham, and on the summit wiki.
  • PolarSys day, Thursday, March 20, is a full day of sessions at the conference. The PolarSys working group selected talks that cover all the aspects of using open source tools for the development of embedded systems in large industrial companies. You will get insights from industry companies like Ericsson, Bosch, Airbus, Boeing, Thales and also some technology providers. The agenda covers many aspects of systems engineering discuss everything, from tooling for architects, modeling, development, tracing, safety engineering, to the deployment of open source tools to 15 000 developers.
This is the first time we have such a large place at EclipseCon in North America, if you are involved in Embedded Systems, you should definitely join us. In addition to these specific presentations, you'll get all the news from the Eclipse community in the very rich and diverse program, including a special event for the launch of Java8.

Finally, on Thursday, March 20, the conference will also host a poster session with a large space reserved for PolarSys posters. Do not hesitate to submit yours, it will be another good reason for your boss to approve your travel!

Join us for a great EclipseCon 2014 in San Francisco!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Amazing week for PolarSys in Sweden

The first week of December was amazing for PolarSys with two events in Sweden:
  • First, we organized a successful PolarSys day in Sweden
  • Second, we participated to the Artemis ITEA Co-Summit, and received an award from the ITEA Vice chairman
On December 3rd, we had a PolarSys day hosted by Ericsson and co-organized by Combitech.
Dominique Toupin introduces his talk about Ericsson's vision
This PolarSys day was split in two parts. In the morning, I gave a short introduction to PolarSys before Ericsson and Airbus presented the rational behind their strategic comittement to PolarSys.
The afternoon was dedicated to projects with presentations of Papyrus, EMF Compare and Git support, Arcon, Chess and Sirius. We demonstrated that PolarSys already provides all the necessary tools to work with models for System Engineering.
All presentations are available on the PolarSys web site.
The feedback for this day was very positive, and I came back with follow-up actions to help PolarSys adoption grow in Sweden.

The two following days, we had a booth at the Artemis ITEA co-Summit near Stockholm under the umbrella of the ITEA OPEES project.

OPEES project team wins an ITEA award

We won an ITEA award for the OPEES project. It was a wonderful surprise and was presented by Philippe Letelier, Vice Chairman of ITEA, who introduced us as "the project that not only created its own community, but also set up a community for all the ITEA and Artemis projects". That is true. PolarSys is certainly the best place for Artemis or ITEA projects to disseminate their Open Source results.
Jonas Gamalielsson about Open Source community analysis

We had this in mind when we put together the speaker's corner program on the topic of "Open Source as a dissemination channel for innovative research projects". We not only had presentations from PolarSys members, like this analysis of Open Source communities by Jonas Gamalielsson and Björn Lundell, but also presentations from Open ETCS and Amalthea projects.
It was the first time ITEA had this type of speaker's corners, and I can say that it was a success. We also got in touch with new people and established better connections between the speakers after the session.
Harald Mackamul from Bosch on the Amalthea booth

Congrats to the Amalthea project team who won the exhibition award for their booth and especially the Eclipse members of the team, Bosch and Itemis, who were present on the booth with nice Eclipse based demonstrations. 

I have no doubt that Eclipse and PolarSys will take a more important role in several ITEA and Artemis projects in the future. Many of these projects create such amazing and innovative Open Source technologies including development tools and middlewares for Embedded Systems, as well as IoT technologies that fit very well with the Eclipse M2M Working Group.

Friday, October 11, 2013

PolarSys meets the Canadian Aerospace ecosystem in Montréal

Two weeks ago, I attended the SAE Aerotech conference with PolarSys members. It was a great event and our first public appearance at a conference outside of the Eclipse community.

The week started with a Montréal Aeronautic Networking event organized by AeroPro on Monday evening. This event allowed us to make initial contact with the Canadian aeronautic community and to gain interesting contacts within the Canadian aeronautic ecosystem. 
Montréal Aeronautic Networking event
It was good to see how curious they were about PolarSys Open Source tools, the End-User driven governance and the need for Long Term Support.
PolarSys booth

Tuesday morning was a strange experience. When we setup our booth at SAE Aerotech conference, we were surrounded by other tools providers, but not exactly the type of tools we provide: drills, precision measurement tools, folding tools. Thankfully, we were quickly reassured to see many attendees interested in tooling for the development of embedded systems.

That afternoon, Dominique Toupin gave the PolarSys presentation. Attendance was good, and best of all, there were very interesting questions at the end of the session.
Ralph Mueller tests the AR-Drone

Another exciting moment was our executive dinner at the Toqué restaurant on Tuesday evening. Not only was it a great culinary experience, but the exchanges and discussions surrounding PolarSys made it even better.

On Wednesday, while the conference attendees were attending sessions and during the SAE reception, we created our own fun with the AR-Drone contest. 
Disclosure: nobody was harmed during the AR-Drone tests.

To summarize, this week in Montréal was great! We had many fruitful exchanges with the Canadian Aerospace ecosystem. We will come back soon to follow-up with all these new contacts.

Long Term Supported architecture
Thanks to all the PolarSys members who were part of the team that week, Patrick Farail from Airbus, Sébastien Gérard from CEA, Etienne Juliot from Obeo and Francis Bordeleau from Ericsson. Special thanks to Dominique Toupin from Ericsson who contributed a lot of time and effort to help organize our week in Montréal. 

PS: I had the opportunity to visit the city on Sunday and really enjoyed the "Vieux Montréal". 

Here is a photo of the oldest building in Montréal. I would say that it reflects a good implementation of rock solid Long Term Support ;)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome Astrium to the Polarsys Working Group

Today we want to welcome Astrium, Europe's No. 1 space company, as a new industrial user to Polarsys.

Part of the international EADS Group, Astrium is the only European space company that covers the entire space business, from civil and defense systems to services and applications.

The 18,000-plus employees of Astrium are all driven by the same ambition: to make space technology work for everybody. Their skills, energy and entrepreneurial spirit have contributed to the success of many of the most important projects in space, including Ariane, the International Space Station, Envisat, Mars Express and Skynet 5.

We are very happy to have this company now in the steering committee of Polarsys and look forward to their contributions!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Polarsys Members Update

I would like to update you on companies that have joined the Polarsys Industry Working Group (IWG) just recently.

First I would like to welcome Intecs SpA from Pisa, Italy. Intecs has joined the IWG already in the fall of 2012 as a participant member. 
Intecs is the first Italian Company to join this initiative with the purpose to promote the adoption of the open source technology in  the Italian industry. In addition, Intecs plans also to migrate the technology and innovation created by the ARTEMIS CHESS project to Polarsys.

In 2013, CEA List has joined Polarsys as a steering committee member.  Located at the heart of Saclay area (Paris region), the CEA LIST Institute focuses its research activities on developing innovative technologies for smart and complex systems. Its R&D programmes, with potentially major economic and social implications, centre on interactive systems (ambient intelligence), embedded systems (architecture, software and systems engineering), sensors and signal processing (industrial control systems, health, security and metrology).
Dedicated to technological research, CEA LIST’s more than 700 researchers and technicians strive to encourage innovation and technology transfer through long-term industrial partnerships. The dynamism of the Institute's teams, their project-based culture and their consistently high standard of scientific excellence underpin this objective.
CEA LIST’s development is rooted in a global ecosystem, ranging from its upstream research partnerships to European and international collaborative ventures.

Also joining in January 2013 is AtoS as a participant member. AtoS is well known as a big IT services worldwide company, but it has also strong expertise in embedded and critical software with thousands people developing them for different business domains including aeronautics, space, automotive, railway and energy.
AtoS develops embedded software but also methods and tools that support them and is especially the main contributor of TOPCASED open platform (model based system engineering) and a recognized expert in formal verification of C Code with several contributions on Frama-C platform.
For all those reasons it was obvious that AtoS would join PolarSys as this industrial working group is expected to become the major place for open source tooling supporting embedded systems and software on the very long term.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Assessing the components ecosystem of Polarsys

Software development companies are betting on open-source software (OSS) in order to keep them competitive in the market. This bet does not just alleviate the economic costs required by IT solutions but it also introduces benefits such as flexibility or the reduction of software development time.  Surveys taken in the last five years by Garner, Inc show an increase adoption in OSS solutions on organizations’ IT strategy to the detriment of proprietary software. Even though this adoption does not mean that OSS solutions will substitute proprietary ones (in fact, OSS are commonly acquired to complement existing proprietary software), companies seen already OSS as a clear alternative, when possible, to existing proprietary solutions.

This change is happening in general in the software development industry, no matter the application domain. However, in some domains, this change is taking long due to migration, interoperability, or extensibility problems among others. Examples of such domains are: aerospace, defense and security, energy or healthcare. These domains demand critical software whose development requires a long life-cycle, usually lasting more than ten years. However, in this scenario, we hardly find support for proprietary solutions. In this case, OSS arises as a potential solution for innovation and better support.

Within this context, the OPEES ITEA 2 project was born with the objective of settling a community and building the necessary means and enablers to ensure long-term availability of innovative engineering technologies in the domain of dependable/critical software-intensive embedded systems. One of the major outcomes of the project is the Polarsys Eclipse Industry Working Group and the set of services offered within the Polarsys infrastructure. 

This infrastructure has been conceived as an ecosystem for open source components aimed at the development of embedded systems for such domains. Such an ecosystem will be provided in the infrastructure as a catalogue of components. Such components will not just be hosted in the infrastructure but also assessed so that any member of the Polarsys community can have a better understanding and use of such components. This assessment has been materialized by means of a quality meta-model which has been designed and implemented within the context of the OPEES project. The meta-model allows representing what can be assessed in a component and how (see figure 1), component assessment values (see figure 2), and who recommends a certain component (see figure 3). 

Briefly, the first part of the meta-model allows gathering information about the different metrics that can be used in each domain according to the applicable standards. Such metrics are obtained by computing (algorithm4valuation) the set of related attributes.
Figura 1

The second part of the meta-model allows gathering assessments of different components according to existing metrics. This assessment (represented by the Measurement class) is performed on a specific component (ComponentVersion) given a particular metric.
Figura 2

Finally, Polarsys members can make comments and recommendations over existing components. This information is gathered in this latter part of the meta-model shown in figure 3.

Figura 3

Such meta-model has been implemented by Atos as a service within the Polarsys infrastructure. This service is offered as a web and a desktop application. Both have been implemented using gPM, an open source tool included in the TOPCASED toolkit. Figure 4 shows a screen shot of the web application showing the functionality for adding a metric.

Figura 4

Monday, October 8, 2012

Polarsys meeting in Ludwigsburg on October 22nd

Forum photo

On Monday October 22nd, the day before Eclipse Con Europe, we will have our second Polarsys meeting at the Ludwigsburg Forum!

This meeting is open to all people interested in Polarsys, and we will take the opportunity to organize a common session with the Auto IWG.

Here is our agenda for this meeting:
* 10:00 - 11:00: Polarsys General Assembly & Polarsys status : membership, activities, Top Level Project Proposal, upcoming projects proposals
* 11:00 - 12:00: Feedback from the first Steering and Architecture committee
* 12:00: Lunch
* 13:30 - 15:00: Roadmap for next 6 months & Creation of working groups (Branding, , Polarsys Packaging Project, ...)
* 15:15 - 17:00: Common meeting with Automotive IWG (Scalability and collaboration) (TOPICS TO BE CONFIRMED)

For logistic reasons, we need to know the number of people who plan to participate to this meeting so please register on the doodle:

Additionally, you should register for the Eclipse Con Europe which is in the same location from Oct 23rd to Oct 25th. Registration is available at:

We look forward to see you at the Ludwigsburg Forum on October 22nd.